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Why Choose Me?


That’s something I always ask myself when seeking help and advice for anything.  Why choose someone…

So indeed, Why Me?

The truth is, I can empathise with where you may be emotionally right now.  I have been in a similar place to where you are….

Having overcome my childhood and suffered from underlying multi-systemic health problems, which have lead to bouts of severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  on and off for the last 25yrs, I have more than once been down about as far as I can go, so I truly know what it’s like to be faced with physical and physiological uncertainty.

My philosophy is that we all have the key to the gateway of our body and mind and can  reach for and achieve anything we set our minds to…. especially when we have the right kind of support – in this I mean friendship, family and sometimes therapeutic.

At times we all need a little help… we just don’t always know where to look for it….

So, a little bit about who I am….

I’m a “semi” only child, with two much older half brothers.  My father passed away when I was 12 and the younger of my two brothers passed away suddenly eleven years ago.  I have a gorgeous (yes I am biased) teenage son and have always had a complete passion for horses and rescuing dogs.  Having been known to pick my son up from school with an extra passenger, followed by him saying “oh Mum, not another one”.  To which I reply, “yes, it needed a home”.

I had a complete career change at 38, embarking on a Science Degree, which then led me to look at human Neurology and how our conscious and subconscious work together  in helping us to maintain a healthy balance in our lives, between our minds and our bodies.

Over the years, I have learned from my own journey. Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, NLP, Breathing, Meditation and Mindfulness are wonderful tools that can help us to survive in today’s busy world – helping us to keep the balance between our mind and body.

I have also learned, through my own ongoing health, nutritional and psychological journey, how our bodies want to work the right way for us, but aren’t always able to, even when we put the right things into them.

Like the rest of the world, I am only human and on occasion struggle with maintaining this balance, trying to cram just a little bit too much in, or being hijacked by my “mind monkey”!!


So Why Choose Personal One-to-One Therapy – Counselling / Talking Therapy or Hypnotherapy?  

I have found that having seen a therapist (as a Clinical Year Three Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist in training, I see a therapist every week!) and worked on personal issues with a hypnotherapist as well, that either as stand alone therapies or in combination, Counselling, or Talking Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy work in supportive, empathic and different ways.

The problems faced in our everyday lives can be worked with to lessen to something more manageable, or reduced to something of insignificance, with a move towards emotional wellbeing and emotional choice.  By removing barriers that stop you moving forward, through a gradual change in the subconscious (historical) with how we process our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, awareness and balance is possible.

But, like anything else in life, finding this balance through whatever means, be it Counselling, or Talking Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Breathing Therapy, does have to be something we really want to achieve and then maintain. Therapy can be hard work at an emotional level and physically draining.

If you’re reading this then you will understand that life’s journey and the various paths we take whilst travelling it, gives us many ups and downs along the way.  Mine have lead me to where I am now, and yours have led you to reading my web site and this page.

So please continue reading and “let me, help you, help yourself”!!!

It doesn’t matter what your problem, issue or difficulty is, if you want to do something positive about bringing changes into your life, and just need a helping hand to do that, then ring me for a free confidential initial telephone consultation, or we can arrange a free face-to-face consultation at my clinic in West Sussex.

Further Learning, Qualifications & Training

I have a BSc (Hons) and am studying as a Post Graduate – Clinical trainee Psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Clinical Year Three.

I have worked as a volunteer counsellor for Headway East Sussex (acquired brain injury) and Worthing Sixth Form College.

I am a qualified Drug & Alcohol Counsellor – having trained and worked as a volunteer counsellor for CGL (formally CRI – Crime Reductive Initiative).

Advanced Counselling Skills.

Foundation Certificate Transactional Analysis.

TA 101.

Dip. Counselling skills.

Dip. Hypnotherapy.

Dip. Hypno-NLP.

Dip. Hypno-Gastric Band.

All my courses are fully accredited and recognised by the relevant governing bodies, of which I am a member – UKATA, NCS, GHR.

Principles and Ethical Code of Practice

As a Qualified, Insured and Experienced Therapist, I am registered as a Student Practitioner with UKATA (UK Association for Transactional Analysis) and The National Counselling Society and a full member with the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Hypnotherapy Directory

My Insurance cover for Public Liability is £2 million.

Duty of Care to You, My Client…

As a professional therapist I have a “Duty of Care” to You, my client, which means putting your interests first and making your therapy as empathetic, supportive and caring as possible, whilst ensuring we get your symptoms, issues or problems resolved.


My Principles and Ethical Code of Practice are governed by the same rules to that of your GP, and I therefore offer the same confidentiality within the therapy room as your GP would in their practice.

My aim… Is to utilise my “life skills” along with my Clinical skills in helping people who, like me, may have struggled with things throughout their lives, or maybe someone who has only now got a single issue they are struggling with right now.

To achieve the necessary changes during the course of therapy, my purpose is to ensure that You, my client, feels safe and relaxed, in a non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Where you can “offload” and discuss thoughts, feelings, memories, or emotions that need processing and working with through.  You are at all times in control of your therapy and your therapy is tailored to your needs, whilst focusing on empowering you to improve your life as much as you want to…

So… “let me, help you, help yourself”.

Contact Holly…

Contact Holly on 07774 148285 or holly@westsussexpersonaltherapy.co.uk
for a confidential discussion about your symptoms or treatment.
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